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  • Tritogom
    Rubber granules production
    from end of life tyres
    Tritogom recovers three types of materials from tyre:
    Rubber, textile and steel
    Rubber granule, thanks to its chemical-physical characteristics,
    is suitable for use in several applications.
Granulati e polverini di gomma

Rubber granules and powders

The rubber present on the tyre is treated to obtain granules and powders on various sizes.



The steel in the tyre is delivered to steel mills or to customers who in turn sell it to steel mills.



Tritogom recovers the textile present in the end of life tyre, by allocating it to raw material for energy production.

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Productive cycle

I - Shredding

The tyres are shredded into pieces ranging from 2 to 25 cm. The produced material can be used as fuel for energy production.

II - Grinding

The material produced outside is brought inside and unloaded in a dosing box that feeds the grinder. The machine reduces the material into a size ranging from 2 mm to 2.5 cm. This material can be used as fuel for energy production.

III - Removal of steel

The material cross through magnetic conveyors, which remove almost all the steel content. The steel is conveyed to a NEW MACHINERY, which, applying a recent technology, cleans the steel and reduces impurities (textiles and rubber) to a percentage lower than 5%. The material of the second phase, the so-called "chip", free of steel, is sold to cement factories for energy production.

IV - Production of powder-granules

The produced material in the third phase feeds a mill that reduces the material in sizes from 0.1 to 4 mm. The POWDER-GRANULES through cleaning machines and dimensional sieves are separated on different groups of sizes, which reflect what the market requires and are packaged for shipment to end customers. During phase IV and up to the final packaging, the materials are cleaned from the textile fraction, which is sucked and conveyed to a storage warehouse to be sent to the cement factories that use it for energy production.

A growing company

Tritogom is authorised to collect annually 49,500 tonnes of end of life tyres and 500 tonnes of rubber waste.

the years, our Company has earned and deserved the reputation of a serious and reliable company by continuing to invest commitment and money to improve the quality and prices of the end products. The starting of the new legislation has allowed us to make a significant leap in quality increasing our machinery park. Thanks to the new machinery, we have also been able to increase the energy recovery market.
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